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In Afghanistan, AREU is a pioneer on the patch towards the renewable energy revolution. We, therefore, strive to secure a positive framework for renewable energy and contribute to developing new markets countrywide. Activities carried out by AREU include supporting ESRA (Energy Service Regulatory Authority ) and DABS (Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat) activities for sustainable energies consulting, national activities, media relations, campaigns, techniques, and standardizations as well as involvement in numerous national projects. AREU systematically lobbies for investment security and the creation of appropriate market incentive programs as well as for pushing consensus among all political and social factions concerning the extension of the renewable energy market.

Privacy Advice

Provide policy and legislative advice to ESRA, DABs, and relevant stakeholders helping in the development of policy and plans for promotion and growth of the renewable energy industry to function as an apex policy advocacy forum for the promotion of renewable energy.

Technical Specs Development

Assisting Energy service regulatory authority (ESRA) and DABS and relevant stakeholders in the development of a technological specification for the formulation of renewable energy projects and helping them in selection procurement and shipment of advanced renewable energy technologies.

Foreign Technical Collaboration

Providing a platform for technical collaboration between technology providers and users, and facilitating technology exchange programs for the promotion and development of the renewable energy industry.


Providing a platform for networking of members with international renewable energy technology providers, developers, suppliers, and associations.


Feasibility Development
Technical Specifications Development
Development of Plans and Policies
Technologies Assessment and Evaluation
Development of Technology Roadmap
Standards and Criteria Development