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About AREU

Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union (AREU) was established in 2013 as an  association to represent the private-sector companies and firms’ active sector. The main purpose of the union is to promote the use of Renewable Energy (RE) in Afghanistan. AREU’s mandate is to act as a lobbying union to establish Renewable Energy as a permanent pillar of Afghanistan’s national energy industry. The union is trying to do this by encouraging, supporting and assisting national and international investors and members of the union by taking advantage of tremendous investment opportunities available in the sector of this country. The union guides the stakeholders to utilize the country’s trade policies and procedures on the Renewable Energy sector. The union represents over 120 national and international members in the energy sector of the country. They are active in project development, developing new initiatives, project management, provision of energy related services, energy equipment production, and construction intervention in the Solar, Hydro, Biomass and Geothermal sectors.

Our Vision:
Is a clean, green and sustainable Afghanistan, with Agriculture, Industry, health, education, business and residence, relied completely on renewable energy sources.

Our Mission:
AREU is committed to promote renewable energy at the highest mounts and deepest valleys of Afghanistan. The union is committed to help the country to achieve their energy independence and generate sufficient energy from renewable sources that keeps it always green and sustainable.


Our Members


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