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Memorandum Of Cooperation Signed With Siemens Energy Company

Memorandum of cooperation signed with Siemens Energy company

In the presence of President Ghani, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with Siemens Energy Company.

In the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Finance, the National Directorate of Water Affairs, Afghanistan Breshna Company, and Siemens Energy Company this morning.

At the ceremony, which was held at the Chahar Chenar Palace Mr. Amrullah Saleh, First Vice President, and Atallah Nasib, Head of the Investment Facilitation Unit, spoke and expressed that the signing of the memorandum with Siemens Energy Company was a positive response from the German Chancellor to what President Ghani wanted in this regard.

Ataullah Nasib added that the main objectives of this memorandum are Afghanistan’s access to new sources of revenue such as geostrategic platform and energy transit, utilization of domestic energy resources, use of Afghan human resources to industrialize the country, and use of renewable energy. It is the modern, fast, stable, and profitable energy system in Afghanistan.

He said that 28 percent of the Afghan people now have access to electricity and that by 2032 it will increase to 65 percent. Recalling Afghanistan’s capacity to generate and transmit electricity and appreciating Siemens Energy’s trust in these capacities, Ataullah Nasib said, “We will continue to work with the company after the signing of the memorandum.”

Later, Habib Zadran, Deputy Minister of Finance, Khan Mohammad Takel, Head of the National Water Administration, Mahmoud Qaderi, Representative of Breshna, Dietmar Sirdarfar, Chief Executive Officer, and Michael Booker, Chief Financial Officer of Siemens Energy Company, signed the memorandum.

Then Dr. Christine Brook, CEO of Siemens Energy Company, who was connected via video conference, said that she wanted to attend the event closely, but was unable to do so due to the Coronavirus. He said” Thank you for signing this memorandum and for trusting Siemens Energy. I am glad that a step has been taken in this area and we will work closely and jointly with Afghanistan in the field of energy in the future.

Referring to the value of energy in the development of countries, he said, “We will work together to ensure Afghanistan’s access to sustainable, secure, and renewable energy.” We will equip Afghanistan with renewable energy and turn it into an energy transfer hub to the region.

“We want to cover the energy value chain in Afghanistan and create an efficient and sustainable electricity access system,” said Siemens CEO.

In his speech at the ceremony, President Ghani said that time and distance could not stand in the way of our cooperation and joint work, and I thank everyone for paving the way for the signing of this memorandum and joint work and cooperation in the energy sector. He added that energy is not only the infrastructure but the investment in all human, social, and financial progress and development.

The President said that we will build an Afghanistan where its citizens have safe and stable electricity not only for their homes and offices but also for their products, agriculture, industry, and services.

Referring to electricity waste in Afghanistan, the President said that using the experience of Siemens Energy Company, we will reduce the amount of electricity waste. He added that Afghanistan, with its strategic location and high capacity for energy production and transmission, could meet the needs of South Asia.

President Ghani expressed satisfaction with the role of the Siemens Energy Company in the energy sector and said: “We are pleased that the Siemens Energy Company will play a facilitating role in the region and will further facilitate access to electricity in Central Asia.”

The President of the country pointed out that Afghanistan has a high capacity for energy and natural gas production and abundant resources, which, while developing and using it effectively, we will create a standard electricity system.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani expressed his support for the reforms in Breshna Company led by the First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, saying that we will pay special attention to the sources of solar, wind, and hydropower generation.

At the end of his speech, President Ghani called investment in the energy sector a key element and, referring to the widespread use of electricity and its value said that for the sake of comprehensive development and the well-being of our compatriots, we want Sections, have sustainable access to energy.

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